Rohan was a nerdy boy. He was the topper of the class and knew almost anything course related. Probably I would say he was a typical Asian but he was almost zero to outside world. It was I guess Friday that he didn’t knew a maths question, algebra to the point and hurriedly came to me to ask as I was his trusted trabajo. I did that in first attempt. And as always he was quite shocked about me solving a question before him. He asked me how I did it. I said it was magic and laughed. But that very word hit him. He never had heard of the word magic and his dumb head asked me what magic was. I couldn’t be precise to the word to describe it but I told him that there are people who can do some unbelievable things like ahhm there are so many. They burn the paper and restore it, disappear people from one place and reappear him/her from another . They are just amazing. And Luke always he began to argue with me.  He bargained like science says “if there us permanent chemical reactions like burning nothing can be made to its former phase. And neither can someone teleport.” . Arguing with him was like taking a tea spoon of water from the ocean . It had no meaning as he will go on arguing with  me all the time.
So I left him. But he was not done with magic. He went to ask with a teacher what exactly magic was. Teacher said it is entertainment with some unexpected activities. He was curious to learn what magic was so he asked teacher to show him a magic . Teacher said it is performed by special people. So he left.
He was whole day mourning. He wished someone could say exactly what magic was and showed him a magic. Usually alone and lost in thoughts and today too was no difference . He got a topic to discuss with his brain . Whole day he was thinking how can a burn paper be regenerated . He opened his chemistry book and read all reactions but all in vain. He was completely mad whole day. Last period we got a notice that a Magic Festival was on from tomorrow and school had planned to take some of the students with the principal. Me and Rohan were lucky to go there. I was excited and I could clearly see that he he cheered with all day long tension. It was not my first time but going him Rohan will certainly not be easy. But his daydream was going to be fulfilled.
He went home. He was lost in thoughts. He asked his father about it, but his father like all other wasn’t quite secure with his question cause he too couldn’t give the desired answer his son wanted. He told that these are the act are done by experts and ate not mediocre.
‘Magic ‘ didn’t let him had a good day and at night too he was anxious .Magic an enigma for him but certainly not for long. He thought probably magic is mystery or extraordinary act. As he got to know that it is performed by some special one he thought it was god gifted. He didn’t sleep better.
Next day we all gathered at school and the principal with us, we went to the programme. He was quite nervous and excited and so was I.  Teacher bought the ticket and we went in.  We quickly got to seat and waited for the programme to start . Slowly the curtain raised and two persons showed up. Everybody clapped and cheered for them . They showed the trick of burning newspaper . They did it quite easily but my focus was on Rohan. I looked at him . He was yelling ‘wow’. He probably spoke his own definition of magic and it was just the beginning. But I wonder what will he think when he finds out they are just a trick.



Valencia cf paying tribute to Nepal earthquake victims with Nepali name on their back

Valencia CF used Nepali font in the player’s name against Celta De Vigo in order to raise funds to Earthquake victims in Nepal. According to the statement from the club, they will be donating all the money generated from the auction to victim. The official statement from Valencia CF states that: “Valencia CF launched a new charitable intiative along with the Red Cross this weekend, as the player names on the team’s shirts for the game against Celta Vigo were printed in Nepali. The aim:-) is to auction these one-off shirts to raise funds to alleviate the damage caused by the natural disaster that has devastated Nepal, requiring worldwide collaboration.” 


Pablo Piatti with his name in Nepali


Jose Luis Gaya on with Nepali font


Otamendi ‘the beast’ playing with nepali font jersey

It is also the part of the refund where they gave 5% of the game income coming through ticket. Valencia are the third most supported and successful club in Spain. Now currently fourth in league table they are challenging for the final Champions league spot. With some years of economic turmoils, they are rebuilding their team with Singaporean businessman Peter Lim and hoping to give fans the glory days back.
P.s. I am a die hard Valencia fan! And all these support to my country are invincible. Thank you Valencia. Amunt.

The Dream

I think I’ll manage your room here .


I looked up holding my head. She was smiling . We entered room no 8.

She turned on the lights. It looked like no one was using the room for long. Alone and dark. Things I feared the most.

It was time for bed. Clearly it was dark out with not much houses around or the street lights. And it was my first day, the hostel warden came with me to my room.

Lucy,by the way if you need anything I am right down the hallway. You can call me anytime. I’ll be right there . You are alone here and its just the beginning of the boarding so there is not much students but Sara the blonde girl , you probably have met her in the class today, is right behind your room. So you are not alone.



Beth, The warden switched off the lights and closed the door. I was clearly not in the mood of sleeping, so I woke up from the bed and went near the window. Everybody does so when they feel alone and that’s what i did. I took the curtains by side and opened the window. Strong cold breeze. Ssssshh and all that thunder and lightening. I stared out for a while, and began to think about my family, my dad, mum, my little brother Adam and my sweet dog Mary with whom I used to play all day. I was so happy a day before and today I am here. I felt so sad leaving my home.

As I was lost in thought staring out ,something struck my cheek. It was so quick and was painful. I turned the bed lamp on and saw a mite lying upside down. I cursed that mite in pain and crushed it with a book near the table.

Eat it bitch.

I touched the wound and found out my hand was full of blood. I thought I better look at the mirror.I switched the lights on I stood up near the mirror. To my surprise I saw the mirror had a crack in the shape of B in it in the right side. I ignored it and saw my wound. It was a little cut in my right side but the wound too had a cut of rough b shape in it. I was scared, I rubbed my eyes and saw it again. I quickly turned away from the mirror and remembered what warden said about first aid box which was always under bed. The bed was large and it was covering large area so inside of it was dark. I took a torch and moved inside of it. I was just starting to get in when I a saw a figure lying down still . Slowly and steadily I went inside. I was really scared with that as it was not moving and was covered with sleeping grown. I went so close towards it but I couldn’t feel its breath. I was shivering ,my hands were shivering. In great fear I tried to move her. As  I was touching her shoulder , the head turned towards me slowly. It was of Beth and her face was full of blood coming from a small wound from her right cheek . She was smiling and I cried in fear just to wake up from my dream.
I hurriedly woke up. My breath was high and i was so much afraid. I turned the bed lamp on. The window was open and thundering was on. Cold breeze was coming inside. I was caught in fear. I stood still for some minutes and  regained my breathe. Then I thought about my dream and suddenly looked below the bed with the torch. Nothing was there. The book I used to kill the mite was in the same place before I came in bed and last I touched my cheek. My right cheek had got the cut. I woke up from bed and lighted the switch on and went to see the mirror. The mirror was cracked the same way I saw in the dream. My cut had same B mark in it but it looked like it was some days earlier. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about it. I thought of being fresh. While i open my eyes, I saw an insect  coming towards me in reflection. I ducked it and that thing went straight and got pasted. I hurriedly left the room. Bathroom was near so I went in and closed the door and leaned to the door for a while. I was surprised what was going on with me. I sat on the floor for sometime and thought of washing my face. I washed my face and rubbed my eyes and looked at the mirror. I was shocked to see the same B crack in it. My heart began to pound . I  thought of touching it then I heard a scream coming from outside. I opened the washroom and heard the scream again. It was coming from the room beside mine. It was Sara’s room. 3rd cry and it hit me that some thing was wrong. I slowly went towards the room along the hallway . it was dark and the only light was my torch. I checked all my step slowly and safely. As I crossed my room, I heard of something breaking down from Sara’s room. It was sound of the mirror . It was scary . Slowly I got to her door and all i was doing was sweating . I cracked the door little open and called her name ‘Sara. You fine girl.  Hey Sara’. I opened the door and it was the only sound out there. I took the touch and lighted it inside. As the light flew I saw an insect coming towards me in full speed . I hurriedly closed the door and hold it tightly for some time. Then I thought of Sara and opened the door again. I sincerely walked inside. I pointed the torch to the way I was heading. It was dark and the only light inside was coming from the open window. I switched on the light and saw Sara standing near the mirror with her blonde hair badly messed. She looked horrifying . I looked for her word and only thing that was coming was her cry. I couldn’t go near her and instead looked at he mirror. It had the same rough B crack like I had in my room. I called her from the back . She turned towards me but she covered her face and was sobbing without ending. I asked  her why she was crying and she showed me her face. I shouted as the face was full of blood and she was smiling. She had the same cut like mine. I hurriedly ran out but got struck by the door.

Lucy. Hey let’s go. Its time for the bed now. Its your first day here and I should probably get you to your bed. Take your belongings ,your bags everything. Come on its up.

Beth called me from the study room . I was lost in my thoughts. I was scared what happened to me some time ago. I just thank god that it was dream. I was in shell shocked in fear so I didn’t respond to her just quietly got up from the bench moved towards her. On the way i was tripped down near the door and my head banged in it. Oh “looked like little Lucy fell down hahahaha.” I woke up and looked back I saw the blonde gal . It was Sara. I ignored her and went with the warden. I was moving silently and she was talking about the boarding. I didn’t give shit bout her and was rubbing my head. Suddenly she stopped and said “I think I’ll manage your room here. I looked at her she had a faint smile and it was room no 8.