​🎵Long Ago And Far Away

In My Ol’ Common Labor S..🎵

A Car Passes by. The driver throws something at me but it just misses. 

“Hey” yell as I lift my hand. The driver looks back while driving and symbols fuck off and was still screaming at me.

“You should never stop while this song is being played else…”. The car got hit by a truck coming from the opposite side.  

It somersaulted twice and caught fire and boom a huge noise.  I saw a round object fly near me. It was his head 💀  rolled down onto my legs.

“Damn. Not again. I couldn’t warn this guy too.” 

Whistling the remaining song I got to the car. The rest of his body was lying motionless as if he was still driving but it was completely burnt. 

“Poor fella.  Should have at least listened me “

I could hear police siren some miles away in the direction from where the car came. The truck was already on its toes after it hit the car. I could see puff of dust in the east side.  That was probably the truck which took the side road other then highway. As the police siren got close it was my turn to get lost from the site. 

Thinking about the guy all the way while I was walking,  I felt pretty bad. I cursed myself about not getting over this. It was already 4 accidents I have been part of in less then a week. I can’t go this way all the time.  I need to be more cautious.  I need to step up. 

All these things that were regularly playing in my mind which made my journey short. My destination was as always Gabriel’s Bar, where I drink my day and spit out my sorrow. 

The bar isn’t an attractive place, it seems like it was destroyed some months back in fire but nonetheless it is near the highway and is a place where I can rest my head. I got inside and saw Gabriel as always in the bar  with reggie music played covering the whole place in peaceful paradise. The place is always fresh to me at any time of the day. The comfort I get here is very challenging for any other place to match. Lonely and peaceful. I name it ‘Loful’. 

“Hola Amigo”. He shouted making the whole place in echo. 

“Hey”. I replied. 

“My amigo is depressed. How was your day? “

“Worst”. I saw another accident in the highway yet again. And again I had a part in it. 

“Another one huh”

“Yah. Another one. I am being a death mascot lately. If I am out there somewhere, someone will die. I don’t know how but it is happening again and again. Its now 4 in a week. 

“Here..  drink it all in. ”
He handed me a glass of beer 🍺.  

Certainly what I hadn’t wished but surely what I wanted. 

“I want to break this shackles Gabriel. I want to break free ” . I drank the glass empty. 

“Here, take another one. So do want you  to tell me what is happening with you or are you gonna whine like always “. He laughed and handed me another glass of beer. I was bewildered but he was my only friend. I thought of keeping this a secret but I thought can’t trust him. 

“Anyone might enter here and listen us?”

“No no, You and me only. As always”

“It was Friday. Today is…. “

“Thursday “

“Thursday. Yeah. It was a week ago. I was walking down the highway evening. I could clearly see sun setting down far way on my right.  All dry and no houses to see. All desert. I was hitchhiking but not a single one stopped. “

“Quite alone huh”

“Very alone. I walked for an hour or so on but not a single car stopped. It was right after dozen try that finally a lowrider stopped. 

He lowered his glass down. What I saw was  black guy with his goggles on. Lifting it a little and yelling

“A Hitchhiker Huh. Get it in bruh.”

I got inside his back seat. There was a black girl on the front passenger seat too. 

“Where are you going “

“To the nearest town. How far is it? “

“Some 8 miles away. “


He started his engine and we left the place. 

It was silent for some period of time then I asked him name. 


The girl was silent. She was on her own world. Something was clearly frustrating her. Probably my presence. So I decided not to talk to her. While she turned on the music. 

It was a hip hop music which I detest. As it was he car I couldn’t have my say. So I sat back and tried to ignore the music. But the music was too bad for me to be ignored. 

Some miles on and I couldn’t resist. I asked them if they had some country music to play. He clearly nodded. Laughing he asked. 

“You listen CM”

“Yeah a big fan. “

“We aren’t. So we don’t have any. “

“Ah no problem. “

“You got some then we can play it here.” 

The girl looked at the boy clearly disappointed. He calmed her while I searched my bag. I got my pen drive and gave it to him. 

“Here it is. “

“Any specific you wanna hear? “

“Ahhm num 4… Hmm no no num 5”
He inserted the drive and played it. Some silent and

🎵Long ago and far away
In my ol’ common labor shoes

“Stop”. The lady clearly got pissed off and stopped the music. She took the drive off an threw it at me. That made the guy go angry on her and they quarrelled. It was probably sound to get out of the car. So I was opening and going out I saw a truck nearing the car. Both were busy fighting, they were clearly not in control of the steering. I true  warn them but it was too late. The truck hit the car and I on my head. 

I  woke up after a while. Saw the car was burnt. I couldnt see the body but certainly it was inside the car completely burnt . I heard siren coming to the spot so i ran out of it as fast as i can. And from that day I am been part of 3 more accidents.

“Ow well. It was a long story my dear friend.And you know my dear friend until its not over you never break a promise.” 

He fingersnaped.

“Heyyy.”  12th one gone. Hope the next one stops.

I can see a lowrider coming…….


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