(Deep  breathing) What was that? It’s terrifying. Help me….

     It was me terrified after  my dreamy encounter with THAT. It was nerve-wracking . Believe me, it’s nothing like I had seen in my daily life. It was something far from usual. 

           Writing this now makes me shiver,  makes me uncomfortable, makes me feel like he is right behind me, somewhere, stalking me. Even now I have to check behind my shoulder to make sure nobody is watching .My pump is realistically the only noise around but on this pitch dark room my beat is the one that’s killing me.

          I remember my grandma telling me the stories of some imaginary beasts to frighten me. I remember listening to her on a cold breezy full moon night. And I am here in the same condition. Terror doesn’t need invitations , it comes with any condition.

           Coming back to THAT talk dark figure, something straight from the grandma’s  folktale is eating me alive. And All those urban legends about THAT. Rumors runs wildly.Like it is said whoever sees THAT in the dream is said to die shortly after. I was not someone who would have believed it but it was just this summer when my neighbour’s son died. He was just seven years old. Poor guy. I believed he had some disease but to my surprise I came up knowing he had the same dream just like me some days ago. And when I remember his courpse and his face it thoroughly tells he had THAT all over his face.

              Living on my own on this home,this very night, writing about my nightmare is something I had never thought of doing. I wouldn’t habe done this If it was just a hiccup. But it’s a different situation. Me in the past had never been so damaged. THAT figure is in my mind everytime. I close my eyes i see his paws tends to suffocate me, wants to kill me.

             Don’t know how long I am gonna live from tonight . Even though these legends might never be true but nightmares remain forever. This nightmare might kill me someday. Hope I never think about it again. I am gonna hide this. Even though I can’t really describe his face. But yeah THAT. ….THAT was a HUMAN


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