Not long ago, just some 80 years back, Nepal was the king, the sling and the wing of South Asia. But then time flied bad and now everything is ‘His Story’.
       Officially Democratic and now People’s Republic, Nepal to be summed up has got achievement points without experience. Long lasting Monarchy, the Ranas and The Panchayat were mocked as the evil time in Nepal but rather they were the time Nepal had political stability. And now its ten years that the Monarchy was dissolved, Nepal still don’t have a government which rules for 20 months. Its a harsh truth but the achievement of second People’s Movement 062-063 has been like a lollipop to show for the people by the politicians.
          Basically the movement was to have a new constitution from Constitution Assembly, to have a leader from the People i.e. To have a President and to have Federal State of People’s Republic of Nepal. But “little knowledge is dangerous thing”  and without any proper knowledge of the Federalism everyone got into the act. Its a shame but me myself being a 10 years back then Chanted the words that were not even known by the people who taught me. And now we can see its result. Even though the Constitution was finally promulgated by huge Constitutional aggrement the Federalism problem is still not solved. Madhesi people are demanding there separate state and the government is in no hurry to give them what they need. Its a shame, government made for the people don’t even work for the people.
        Poison is poison, even if you drink a bottle or taste it will kill you any way. And this Federalism is becoming a poison for the Nepal Government. The Madhesi Agitators has Blocked the Main ports of Nepal and India is assisting them. Government have tried everything from violence to non violence act to get the blockade off but to vain. Instead many people have died and many are injured and that just adds to the Earthquake that occurred this year. Madhesi with no idea what Federalism is and Government no idea how to make them aware, this situation is getting out of the hands. The blockade has made life of the People hell. Everything is sold in black. And for the International Organizations it has been act to watch. Don’t know when the situation goes from bad to worse and the fate of some African nations occur in Nepal.


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