Had A long thought about it

When I sat in a bus in the windowed seat, night travel not always my wish but hey here  comes a twist, a guy  of my age came in a swift,stopped the bus had a rush, asked about the fare, “600? Its too much manage is a must”

They had a talk, made us stalk  while me, I glimpsed the time, had a rhyme and honestly thought that guy was a chyme. Restless like a fox, Oh! My gosh 30 seconds to Mars rocks and Justin whatever sucks, some minutes or two, the disturbance was foo,yooo -hoo. Let that beside, the guy found a seat by my side, with his bags aside, question mark on my mind, with suit and pant, that guy was certainly not my kind, was buzzing on his own, but I didn’t hear anything with my earphone
When looked through the window pane and the bus in the fast lane, was a pitch dark,  I thought of playing The Hungry Shark,  I took my phone switched it on,Hold on, the guy us chatting on in an iPhone, grew an envy, why? I feel shy. Gazed on it, wasn’t charting though, Oh-ho! The phone fell so
Our bus was on its way, he opened a Lays, I hoped he says ” wanna have it?” Quiet hungry u would have devoured on it . But No he ate it alone,thought he was cool,but made myself fool, I dared for a while, “Its still a long mile, isn’t it? Oh …. wanna have it? ” Yeah” that’s what I said . I thanked I smiled
I couldn’t gave him something in return, just had his lays eaten, my heart been beaten, I took an international gum, cost me 6$ sum, asked him for it, ” No,  I don’t eat”,  fine and I took what’s mine while the other side lady was having wine, I looked straight and got lost in the world of mine
“Hold her” someone cried for . I didn’t know when I slept on his shoulder, I caught a nap ow that was crap . But closing my eyes had got me near my destination, that was my mission and I got out of the bus, felt for Mr Hush

Will I ever meet this guy ever again??



6 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hungry and someone was munching Lay’s Chips beside you. Now that was a lot to bear. Or a swig of wine from that lady. Here in Portugal red or white wine costs from just about one Euro or 106 rupees for a bottle. Needless to say what we drink with lunch most days.

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