We got meeting tomorrow so you must be there. Got it?? I’ll be there in just an hour or two. We cannot let this contract go from us.


Marc was talking with his personal assistant about their possible life changing meeting. Even though he is rich he hasn’t lost his miser ness. He is 37 years of age, he is a rich businessman , has a royal estate business, got every penny to be happy. He had a wife but they got divorced two years ago . And by his eagerness to money clearly he is an arrogant .
Detroit, he had to go and by 6 he was there. He took a taxi and asked the driver to take him to the best hotel nearby. Without his knowing, the driver took him to the hotel which was reopened yesterday after being closed down for about 2 years . Successive mishap and murder case made this hotel closed but before all this incident it was the best in the area. It was proved, when the hotel got all its room booked in a day spare. He went there to find all the room were booked except room no 37.
It was the same room where series of mishap like burning and murder occurred. But Marc didn’t care any of those shit he wanted a room and be able to get on the meeting tomorrow.
“OK. No problem I will take that.” He took the keys himself and went to the room. It was 9:37 when he entered the room. He was tired of the journey so he thought of taking bath. He took his clothes off and went to the bathroom. There was a shower and a bathtub. He thought to chill in bath tub . He went in the bath tub and was enjoying the moment. Suddenly, the water inside the bath tub began to rise. He felt like something was pushing him inside it. He was drowning inside tub. With hard fought  wrestling, he managed to slip out if the tub. Water was over flowed all across the floor. Furiously and shakily he went out of the bathroom . As soon he was out of the room he saw a small boy standing still and his body part completely swallon . It was the body of Peter . He horridly went inside the the bathroom and finds everything all right. Bathtub was straight and where it was . The floor was dry. He thought of looking outside and found none outside. He was completely frightened. He thought of taking shower instead. While he was taking shower he thought of Peter. Peter was his classmate. One day they had argument which resulted in Marc killing him by drowning him inside the tub. By seeing him there made him swallow his saliva.

All this tension and being half bathe he thought of having shower but that guy could bot be out of his mind. After having the shower he felt like headache and thought of having drink. He called at the reception and asked for drinks to be delivered . After he called the reception, he grabbed the remote and began to watch the TV. An hour passed but the delivery wasn’t there . He got annoyed and thought of ringing it again. But the phone line was cut off. He slammed the phone and thought of going down. He went near the door, caught the door knob and tried to open it but it was locked. With all his brute force he tried to muscle it but all in vain. He tried everything was not successful. He was trapped. He got blank. Thought of shouting through the window pane and fortunately the window wasn’t locked. He looked out of it and saw busy road some 100 meters down. To his surprise he found out that there were no rooms nearby. All were pure cemented. He gave a loud call but it was of no use. In the mean time, he looked at the other building just across the hotel. It was a tall building as well there he saw his reflection on one of the window . He was gazing it and suddenly saw a huge fire was broken in the room. He also saw something was just back of him.
‘Help Helppp’ a man got beside him and began to scream . He double tapped the window and cried in pain. His body parts were burned. The man turned his head towards him . He was frightened and ran from there just to get bear the sofa and struck there. He fainted and woke up only after the door bell rang.
He woke up and looked here and there, saw everything was all right. He hurriedly went to the door and opened it and saw the waiter. He caught the waiter and screamed at him
” Why are you late? Who locked me inside ? Why us this room alone? Why? Call your manager now. ………

“Sir I am not late. You called me at 9:37 and now I am here at 9:47 just 10 min and by the way the room was locked from inside sir. I think you had a nap while watching TV. Look its still on”
The TV was scrambled. He looked down in shame and said sorry.
“Your drinks sir”
“Ah yeah get it in.”
Marc called him, gave him some tip . He added to that tip and asked him if he can had sex.
” We don’t have prostitute here sir if I can u will manage” he smiley left the room.

As the drinks was delivered Marc thought of taking a drink to relax. He took a glass and thought of his nightmare of the guy  whom he saw sometime before. He thought it was the guy who died in a fire a year ago in his neighborhood. That day, a fire broke out and everyone were running for their life. He some how managed to get out of the house on time. Just as he went out, he heard someone was tapping in the window nearby . A guy was screaming for help in a fiery house . Cried in pain but Marc just raised his hand and left without helping him. That was the only guy that died in the fire, while all others were saved.
He was left thinking in his before why these guys were coming  infront of him. He was sipping in for another drink he heard doorbell rang again. He opened it and saw a Lady there. She said by and pushed him gently inside. He was surprised who she was while she said you wanted to be naughty didn’t ya?? With his dressing gown on and a glass of beer on the hand he was ready to be naughty. She slowly seduced him and the beer he had in his hand was emptied at a glance. He began to open her dress just then she said to have beer so they can be chilly while having sex. She pushed him in the bed and went to fill the drink. She, without Marc notice put a sleeping pill inside it. She prepared the drink and gave it to him and had a pure drink herself. Slowly the pill worked and he began to daze. It took 5 minutes to make him sleep. After he slept the lady rang the phone and said
“Boss he slept. What should I do now”
“Get his suitcase and bring all the documents. Bring his mobile also so that he cannot contact with anyone. Just do it fast. And keep that notice on His table.”
The lady did her hub and left the notice in the table. Marc was in his sleep but he woke up after sometime. He caught his head and tried to remember what just happened . He looked here and there and saw a notice. He grabbed it and it read like
“Hey Marc its Anthony. I got all your documents for tomorrow’s meeting . Now live like a street dog   and the gal u saw before is my gal who cheated on you to get the documents”
He became furious after reading the note. The crook had been crooked by another crook. It was first time that he had been cheated but after knowing that he had been cheated by a gal he remembered his wife. That day when his wife caught him having sex with a gal whose dad  made him the owner of the business . He remembered how he became rich and now how he now a poor guy. He didn’t even call her after the day she left and gave divorce.
With all the tension surrounding him he felt hopeless. He thought listening music will help him and so he opened the music. He lost his documents and wanted his P.A. to  know about it but he couldn’t find his phone. He thought of leaving the room . He went to open the door just to find it was lockedIn that time he got a notification on his laptop. He hurriedly left for it. He thought of skyping his assistant. He opened the laptop and found an notification. He took a look at time it was 11:37 and a video was in his inbox from an unknown number. He opened the video and saw a footage of him killing his then beat friend Rob. They two had a farm house in Texas and the house gave them enough profit. But the evil minded Marc threw him from his apartment window. After seeing the same video he was mad and picked the laptop on and tried to threw it out of the window. He was running towards window just then he slipped on the carpet and with the laptop he himself went out of the window. Just the music was there
‘What goes around comes around’



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