Rohan was a nerdy boy. He was the topper of the class and knew almost anything course related. Probably I would say he was a typical Asian but he was almost zero to outside world. It was I guess Friday that he didn’t knew a maths question, algebra to the point and hurriedly came to me to ask as I was his trusted trabajo. I did that in first attempt. And as always he was quite shocked about me solving a question before him. He asked me how I did it. I said it was magic and laughed. But that very word hit him. He never had heard of the word magic and his dumb head asked me what magic was. I couldn’t be precise to the word to describe it but I told him that there are people who can do some unbelievable things like ahhm there are so many. They burn the paper and restore it, disappear people from one place and reappear him/her from another . They are just amazing. And Luke always he began to argue with me.  He bargained like science says “if there us permanent chemical reactions like burning nothing can be made to its former phase. And neither can someone teleport.” . Arguing with him was like taking a tea spoon of water from the ocean . It had no meaning as he will go on arguing with  me all the time.
So I left him. But he was not done with magic. He went to ask with a teacher what exactly magic was. Teacher said it is entertainment with some unexpected activities. He was curious to learn what magic was so he asked teacher to show him a magic . Teacher said it is performed by special people. So he left.
He was whole day mourning. He wished someone could say exactly what magic was and showed him a magic. Usually alone and lost in thoughts and today too was no difference . He got a topic to discuss with his brain . Whole day he was thinking how can a burn paper be regenerated . He opened his chemistry book and read all reactions but all in vain. He was completely mad whole day. Last period we got a notice that a Magic Festival was on from tomorrow and school had planned to take some of the students with the principal. Me and Rohan were lucky to go there. I was excited and I could clearly see that he he cheered with all day long tension. It was not my first time but going him Rohan will certainly not be easy. But his daydream was going to be fulfilled.
He went home. He was lost in thoughts. He asked his father about it, but his father like all other wasn’t quite secure with his question cause he too couldn’t give the desired answer his son wanted. He told that these are the act are done by experts and ate not mediocre.
‘Magic ‘ didn’t let him had a good day and at night too he was anxious .Magic an enigma for him but certainly not for long. He thought probably magic is mystery or extraordinary act. As he got to know that it is performed by some special one he thought it was god gifted. He didn’t sleep better.
Next day we all gathered at school and the principal with us, we went to the programme. He was quite nervous and excited and so was I.  Teacher bought the ticket and we went in.  We quickly got to seat and waited for the programme to start . Slowly the curtain raised and two persons showed up. Everybody clapped and cheered for them . They showed the trick of burning newspaper . They did it quite easily but my focus was on Rohan. I looked at him . He was yelling ‘wow’. He probably spoke his own definition of magic and it was just the beginning. But I wonder what will he think when he finds out they are just a trick.



4 thoughts on “Magic

  1. wonderful, lovely, loved it.
    To the other side of the story; I don’t know how many of us but, like me, we like to be Rohan but we end up in the middle, We tend to end where everybody tells that it is the fact and we tend to be assure of it we end up without looking the trick of burning newspaper and there are very few who actually learns that this magic is just the trick.

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